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  • 문의내용 : 1newhomes is a virtual assistant ready to help you find new build developments in London. All information about New Homes for Sale, here: https://1newhomes.com/
    We know that searching for a new home might be a stressful process. We understand your wish to make this experience as easy as possible. And this is exactly what we offer – a perfect online service to help you find a perfect new flat in one of the new build developments in London.
    Whatever your reason is for searching for a new flat - buying a new home to live in, looking for investment property or wishing to become a rental property owner - we’ve got it covered.

    Our advanced new home search platform offers the tools to sort and customize your results in various ways. Adjust your search by parameters, such as:
    - Prices for apartments;
    - Layouts;
    - New builds near me on the map;
    - Photos from construction sites;
    - Current information on the construction process;
    - Completed or off-plan property;
    - Detailed description of developments.
    We check and update our database of London properties and developers on a regular basis. This is how we ensure that our users have access to all the current prices and are able to make an informed choice based on complete data on verified objects in our catalogue.

    A great number of housebuilders are working on hundreds of new build homes in London right now. You just have to choose yours.